Monday, April 30, 2012

Ririchiyo at Kariya Park!

Shirakiin Ririchiyo: Mao
Miketsukami Soushi: Natsu
Photo: Misaki

My friend, Misaki, and I travelled to Kariya Park the other day for a cosplay meetup! It only takes around an hour to get there from the Toronto core, but because we took the wrong bus, the trip ended up being 4 hours long.
(:´Д`:) I am extremely terrible with directions and I get lost easily. We eventually made it to the park but we were pretty late, hahaha.

I hope you enjoy my Ririchiyo cosplay! :'D I was inspired by her casual outfits in the anime. They're really cute so I thought it was a good excuse to buy new normal clothes. LOL Oftentimes I have to decide whether or not to buy everyday clothes or cosplay. I usually choose cosplay. ; v ;
I plan to cosplay her school uniform version and also her youkai form. Please look forward to it!

I had to kneel down in this photo to achieve the height difference. I'm not that tall in real life though. I'm around 156 cm xD


  1. Ririchiyo suits you very well and you both are looking great!
    Wahh I'm really looking forward your Ririchiyo youkai form! (*°▽°*)

  2. Your cuteness is killing me!