Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MTAC Madoka Magica

Kyoko: Shiroame
Madoka: Kamio Jun

I did a photoshoot for the Madoka Magica cosplayers at Toronto Comicon (MTAC). I'm pretty new to photography and I'm hoping my background in illustration will partly make up for my lack of skill. xD My friends and I are also going to cosplay Madoka Magica at Anime North! ;u; I got stuck with Madoka because I'm the shortest and no one in my group likes her. booooo I wanted to be Mami or Homura.

I'm still looking for a photographer. ; u ; maybe I'll try taking some self timed shots with a tripod since I'm really picky when it comes to aesthetics.

follow the jump for the photos! there aren't many since only two cosplayers showed up (one is my close friend). xD

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  1. aww papa it's ok~I'll make contract with you anyway ヾ(^∇^)