Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Odin Sphere- Gwendolyn

Gwen: Mao
Photo by Misaki

I finished this cosplay a whole year ago but never got to getting photos of it taken. xDD
I did a photoshoot in January, but I'm still waiting for the photos from my photographer. DD; These photos were taken by my friend after I did a photoshoot outside. It was really cold!
I'm pretty upset since my photographer initially said he'd have photos up within 2 weeks or so...but it's been 4 months now DD; ugh. I understand if he's busy, but I wish he'd stop making weak promises he can't fulfill.

I wish I had more photographer friends OTL


  1. Such a beautiful Gwendolyn costume! It's too bad that your photographer poofed, though. I don't think it would be a bad thing to pop them a message and ask what's up. ^.^

    I would love to see more shots of your costume! Back detail, close-ups, etc. And perhaps about the your psypher?

    1. thank you! I really appreciate that you commented! :'D I sent lots of messages but my photographer still couldn't meet all of the deadlines he made after missing the 1st one. I'v just decided to let it go and do another photoshoot. ;u;b I hope the next photoshoot will be a better experience!

  2. No problem! :D

    Ah, I hope it'll be a better experience, too! Nothing worse than someone who flakes out, but 'suppose that happens even to the best of us. ^.^; I don't really have a reliable photographer myself, and usually just stumble onto people at conventions who take decent photos. It's the luck of the draw.

    Unless of course, you have a close friend, or are willing to pay someone. But alas, I am (As most hobbyists are) poor. ;~;

    1. I hope so! ; u ; b
      I used to rely on friends to take convention photos for me but recently I want to do planned photoshoots for my cosplays. I'm hoping I'll be able to find a reliable photographer soon!

      T v T ahhh money. cosplay is so expensive. I want to quit cosplaying every now and then for that reason but I keep going back to it. xD it's just so fun and satisfying to make and complete a costume! :'D